Brian these are fanastic and make my heart ache to be back in NM. Coming home to ABQ next week after a year in FL and plan to order some prints as soon as possible. keep up the great work and magic.
Vicki Mayhew(non-registered)
Just discovered you...and you are amazing....thanks for sharing all the magic.
Dan Shaffer(non-registered)
Your snowy night shot of The Lights of Albuquerque today is the best shot of of the city from the Sandia Crest I've seen in 10 years. It's all over Facebook today. Congratulations, it is a real winner! Now I'll spend more time on your website. Thanks for sharing so much beauty. Another passionate non-pro, Dan.
April Peterson(non-registered)
I love your art. I can't wait to get my house set up so I can find a great peice.
Stacy Ledford(non-registered)
Always a joy to see your art! Great website! As always, amazing pictures!
Rob Ange(non-registered)
Wow Brian! I am impressed. I need to go home and measure my frames and I will be purchasing 4. Keep up the awesome work man! I am a TRUE fan!
Brian, you are awesome! Great pics, will post on my Pinterest for you. Peace
Maria Dickson(non-registered)
What an awesome array of photos. Its always a pleasure to view your talent.
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